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Cem Duruoz & James Baird
Cem & James
James Baird at Hot Strings Guitars
Meeting at Hot Strings
James with the NEGS ensemble
NEGS at CGS in Hartford
James Baird, Marcos Puna, Cem Duruoz
Marcos Puña & Cem
James Baird & Tom Bazzolo
Tom Bazzolo - luthier
James Baird, NewmanOltmanDuo, Cem Duruoz
Newman-Oltman Duo & Cem
James Baird & Antonio Rugolo
Antonio Rugolo
James Baird, Michael Newman and the Mannes guitarists
Mannes guitarists
Philippe Bertaud, Cem Duruoz and James Baird
Philippe Bertaud & Cem
James Baird, Ruben Parejo & Cem Duruoz
Ruben Parejo & Cem
James Baird and NEGS members
Participants of Annual Members Recital
Terry Pazmino & James Baird
Terry Pazmiño
James Baird & Terry Pazmino and family
Terry Pazmiño and family
Luz Maria Bobadilla & James Baird
Luz Maria Bobadilla

Luz Bobadilla masterclass
James Baird and Fred Hand
Fred Hand
Fred Hand Masterclass
Fred Hand Masterclass
James Baird and Marcin Dylla
Marcin Dylla



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