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Instrument Lessons

Classical Guitar and Music Theory Lessons

Private Guitar Lessons and Music Theory Instruction

Baird Guitar Studio, located at 117 Clark Street in Milford, CT, offers private guitar lessons. Instruction ranges from serious beginners of all ages to conservatory students and professionals. Amenities include music studio and comfortable waiting room, rest room and convenient off-street parking. Easy access from Interstate 95, Merrit Parkway and Route 1.

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Music Theory

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Guitar Studio and Waiting Room

Baird Guitar Studio Lesson Room
Baird Guitar Studio Workshop
Baird Guitar Studio - covenient waiting room with WiFi
Baird Guitar Studio Waiting Room

At Baird Guitar Studio You Will Study
Guitar Technique, Music Theory and Reading Standard Music Notation

The Right Experienced Teacher
James Baird has taught guitar for over 40 years. Learning guitar and studying music are personal experiences. Find a qualified teacher to suit your personality.

Discover Surprising New Musical Ideas
Are you are just beginning or have played guitar for years? Private lessons with a conservatory-trained professional will speed up your development. Correct old practice habits. Deepen your understanding of the music that you already play. Students experience new musicial ideas, broaden their repertoire, and increase their productivity.

Balance Practice: Technique, Theory and Repertoire
A structured program builds a firm foundation. Balance technical exercise and music theory to advance your musical skills. Develop effective practice habits. Overcome technical limitations and develop interpretive thinking for greater performance confidence on stage. Increase enjoyment on and off stage.

Guitar lessons by James Baird include:

  • finger style guitar technique
  • left hand/right hand coordination
  • finger strength and independence
  • flexibility and speed building, and
  • tone production.

Lessons emphasize productive practice habits to optimize practice time, and relaxation to build stamina. Enhanced memorization skills prepare students and working guitarists for more confident performance experiences.

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Testimonials - Thank You

"Jovan put on a show yesterday. He did an amazing job!!! I tried not to cry the whole time. :)    ~ Gina Zayas

"I am very happy with the relationship you have with Eliot and the high expectations you place on him. He is enjoying playing the guitar and is learning so much. I am very impressed with how quickly he picks up new material. "   
~ Joanne Poffenberger

"My family and I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did with my son Christopher. It's nice to see him interested in something else besides computer and video games. Thank you for contributing to the change in my Son."   
~ Christine Fronckiewcz

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Guitar and Performance Technique

Learn how to stay on your fingertips with the left hand and stroke the correct strings with your right hand. Synchronize action between both hands. Learn to play chords, shift on the fingerboard, and connect notes for beautiful melodies. Play both melodic and bass lines to realize the guitar's contrapuntal capabilities.

James Baird's students perform often in public. Some perform in school music programs, others as soloists or with duet partners. Students often perform in community engagements set up by Mr. Baird. James creates opportunities for his students to perform at the Milford Center for the Arts. He is president of the New England Guitar Society. NEGS is established to create a nurturing environment for classical guitarists.

James Baird with students performing at Milford Senior Center
James Baird with students performing at Milford Senior Center
Left to right: Brian Torres, Bob Fritz, Matthew Cassidy, Jovan Zayas, and James Baird

Baird Guitar Studio student Jovan performs in his school holiday concert
Jovan performs at school in the Holiday Concert - Winter 2012

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Music Theory

Foundations of music theory include 3 main components: rhythm, melody and harmony. Learn how to construct scales and chords. Weave them together into the musical fabric of counterpoint and chord progressions. Analyze musical compositions to understand meter, phrasing, imitation, thematic material, contrasts, anticipation and surprise. Realize how to perform contrapuntal music on the guitar: melody, bass and accompaniment together. Explore accompaniment styles for playing guitar with voice and other instruments.

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Music Theory

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  Whole NoteMusic Theory Exercises
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Reading Standard Music Notation

Learn to read music using the complete guitar fingerboard. Speed up learning new pieces through faster reading skills and musical score analysis. Centuries of music becomes available at your fingertips when you read standard musical notation. Develop into a complete musician.

Chromatic scale complete
The chromatic scale - the 12 notes of the musical alphabet, the map for the guitar fingerboard

Greensleeves in standard music notation
Greensleeves: melody and bass line clearly illustrated in standard music notation

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Performance Opportunities

In cooperation with the New England Guitar Society (NEGS), students have opportunities to perform. NEGS holds monthly meetings and their Annual Members' Recital. Students perform in a friendly, supportive environment with fellow guitarists and guitar students. NEGS meets monthly in the rich acoustical concert hall of the Milford Arts Council. Students also perform at local public venues. (the Milford Center for the Arts, Milford Senior Center, and the Milford Chamber of Commerce)

Baird Guitar Studio students Brian and Matthew perform at MFAC 40th celebration
Brian and Matthew perform at Milford Fine Arts Council 40th Birthday Celebration - June 2012

James Baird with Guitar Student performers at Cider Mill Conservatory
James Baird with student performers at Cider Mill Conservatory
LtoR: Gabe, Stephanie, James, Ryan, Ian and Savanah

Performance Coaching

Have an important performance or audition in the future? Schedule a few sessions to work on technical hurdles and music interpretation. We will work on phrasing, tone production and practice habits to make the most of your practice time. Build confidence into your playing.

Learn more, in less time

Experience the benefits of a firm technical foundation and a solid music theory background. Develop a richer tone. Learn to play polyphony: concurrent melody, accompaniment and bass. Acquaint yourself with the rich 450-year-old musical heritage of the classical guitar repertoire. Learn to be a better guitarist, performer, teacher and musician.

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