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Performance Lectures

A Brief History of Spanish Guitar MusicA Brief History of Spanish Guitar Music

Pavan in C - Luys Milán (c1500-1561)
Guárdame las Vacas - Luis de Narváez (fl. 1526-49)
Fantasia X - Alonso Mudarra (c. 1510-1580)
Prelude and Allegro - Santiago de Murcia (1673-1739)
Minuet and Rondo Op. 22 - Fernando Sor (1778–1839)
Capricho Árabe - Francisco Tárrega (1852–1909)
Capricho Catalán - Isaac Albéniz (1860–1909)
Madroños - Federico Moreno Torroba (1891–1982)

A Discourse On Dances for GuitarA Discourse On Dances for Guitar

Pavan in A - Luis de Milán (c. 1500 – c. 1561) - Spain
Frogg Galliard - John Dowland (1563 – 1626) - England
Allemande in Em, BWV 996 - JS Bach (1685-1750) - Germany
Minuet in C, Op. 25 - Fernando Sor (1778–1839) - Spain
Mazurka in G - Francisco Tárrega (1852–1909) - Spain
Homenaje a Tárrega - Joaquin Turina (1882-1949) - Spain
Valses Venezolano - Antonio Lauro (1917-1986) - Venezuela
Shottish-Chôro - Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959) - Brazil

A Variety of Musical Variations for GuitarA Variety of Musical Variations for Guitar

Guárdame las Vacas - Luis de Narváez (fl. 1526–49) - Spain
Fantasia X - Alonso Mudarra (c. 1510 – 1580) - Spain
Frogg Galliard - John Dowland (1563 – 1626) - England
Sarabande and Double in Bm, BWV 1002 - Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) - Germany
Variations on a Theme by Mozart Op. 9 - Fernando Sor (1778–1839) - Spain
Capricho Árabe - Francisco Tárrega (1852–1909) - Spain
Thema, Varia et Finale - Manuel Ponce (1882-1948) - Mexico

Guitar Music of BrazilGuitar Music of Brazil

Modinhas: Romantic Songs
~ Se ela perguntar (If She Asks)- Delarmando Reis (1916-77)
~ Vals Sem Nom (Waltz Sans Name) - Baden Powell (1937-2000)
Bossa Nova: Brazilian Jazz
~ Samba de Uma Nota - Antonio Carlos Jobim (1924-97)
~ Manha de Carnevale (Morning of Carneval) Luiz Bonfá (1922-2001)
Music of Heitor Villa-Lobos – Brazilian Art Music
~ Prelude No. 1 in E from Cinq Préludes - Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959)
~ Étude No, 8 in Cm from Douze Études
~ Gavotta-Chôro from Suite Popular Brésilienne
Chôro: Instrumental Popular Music
~ Sons de Carilhoes (Sounds of Bells) - Joao Guimaraes (1883-1947)

Watch videos:
Renaissance Spain - [ Pavana - Milán | Fantasía by Mudarra | Mille Regretz by Narváez ]
Elizabethean England: [ Greensleeves ]

Renaissance Spain - Siglo de Oro

Pavana in C by Luis Milán

Luis de Milán (c.1500-1561) was a Spanish Renaissance composer, vihuelist, poet, and commentator on performance practice in Valencian courtly life. The Pavana comes from Milán's book El Maestro, the first vihuela tablature and first known book of instrumental music printed in Spain*.
* from Gásser, "Luis Milán on 16th Century Performance Practice

Fantasía X by Alonso Mudarra

Fantasía X by Alonso de Mudarra (c.1510-1580), subtitled "Que Contrahaze La Harpa en La Manera de Ludivico", is perhaps Mudarra's most famous composition. Its remarkable innovative chromaticism sounds modern even to modern day ears. The unusual cross-string fingerings are intended to imitate the sound of multiple strings played on a harp.

Mille Regretz by Luis de Narváez

Luis de Narváez (fl. 1526-1649) was 'maestro de vihuela' to Philip II*. His book "Los Seys Libros del Delphín de Música" contains instrumental fantasias and vocal transcriptions, like Mille Regretz, also known as "La canción del Emperador" which is a setting of a French Chanson attributed to Josquin Des Préz.
*from Chase "The Music of Spain"

Renaissance England - Elizabethan Era

Greensleeves - Anonymous English Ballad

Greensleeves is a anonymous English ballad, written over a traditional ground bass, the passamezzo antico*. During the time of Queen Elizabeth, many English Renaissance composers wrote treatments of this famous melody and it appears in various historical manuscripts of that era. The two variations included in this version were composed and performed by James Baird.
*from Bukofzer, "Music in the Baroque Era"

James Baird at the Lightner Museum - St Augustine FL
James Baird at the Lightner Museum, St Augustine, FL
Menendez Noche de Gala

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